Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bookie's Manly Tasks to do... Eventually - The List

Here is my list of tasks around the house that needs to be done that I explained in my previous post, "Bookie's Manly Tasks to do... Eventually - The Explanation"  This list will be updated as needed and will never end... ugh.

  1. Make shadow box for Lillian - DONE 11-10-11
  2. Transfer the office to the downstairs "New" office. - Done 11/13
  3. Put the door handle on the drum studio closet. - DONE 12-2-11
  4. Put the shelving in the drum studio closet. - DONE 12-2-11
  5. Clean out / set up the drum studio.
  6. Clean out the garage and prep it for Fall/Winter
  7. New carpet installation for master bedroom.
  8. Paint / prep the master bedroom.
  9. Move our bedroom to the master bedroom on the main floor.
  10. Paint / prep Lillian's new bedroom.
  11. Paint / pad Lillian's bench for her new room.
  12. Move Lillian into her bedroom.
  13. Paint touchup / prep Avery's bedroom.
  14. Build Avery Bunk Bed / Lillian Big Girl Bed - DONE 1-23-12
  15. Hang wall pictures on main stairway.
  16. Set-up entertainment center in basement.
  17. Sort/organize wiring for cable/phone box in storage room.  Done 11-23-13
  18. Clean up/organize storage room.
  19. Refinish/stain the deck. (Part 1 Completed 6/2013)
  20. Power-wash the house.
  21. Paint/touchup the front porch - Done 7/2010 but I want to post the picts in a blog.
  22. New perimeter / extension on the swing set play area in back yard.
  23. Fix Stove Range Lights - DONE 10-22-11
  24. Total landscape makeover for the front and back yard.
  25. Hang Christmas lights / Decorate exterior DONE 12/2013
  26. Master Bathroom Paint / Makeover
  27. Fix venting in master bathroom. - Done 12-8-13
  28. Fix heat fan in downstairs bath.
  29. Deep cleaning on all of downstairs rooms.
  30. Paint/touchup on downstairs entertainment shelving. - DONE 1-27-12
  31. Install fusebox door cover. - DONE 11-12-11
  32. Install basement quarter round.
  33. Repad all kitchen chair feet.
  34. Thoroughly clean all vent intake covers.
  35. Fix Dining room vent.
  36. Fix Shoe Chest/Coat rack hinge.
  37. Print/Hang new family Picture
  38. Paint Vanity for Avery's Room.
  39. Install garage attic ladder-door.
  40. Install flooring in garage attic.
  41. Fix the grass barrier around the rocks under the deck. - Done 5-26-13
  42. Patch/Paint holes and marks on walls around house.
  43. Repair Play Kitchen - DONE 2-1-12
  44. Repair broken kitchen chair. - DONE 1-25-12
  45. Build landing and stairs off back deck. - Done 9-27-13
  46. ... more to come

Bookie's Manly Tasks to do... Eventually - The Explanation

So I've decided to make a list of things that need to be done around the house.  This list is going to be the basis for a series of blog postings that I will do when each one is accomplished.  The posting could be as simple as a "done" all the way to full detail of what went down with pictures even.  Please note... This is more for me, than for you and geared to keep me motivated and organize my thoughts.  I also figure if let's say, "mow the lawn" or "build a bigger deck" is on the list and it magically happens because you read it and had some free time, I'm not going to stop you.  You may also know people who could help or have opinions about certain daunting tasks like, "add a ladder-door and flooring to the garage attic."  None the less, there is nothing like public admission of crap that needs to be done to help get it done.  The list will be a running tab and I will check off things as they are completed.

On a side note... I know that it says, "Manly" in the title but don't give me a hard time if there is something like "give the girls a mani-pedi".  Come on folks... we are living in a society where men and women can do anything... Just ask my mother-in-law, she is the destroyer of ALL tasks!  ;-)

Wish me luck.

Here is the list.  Bookie's Manly Tasks to do... Eventually - The List