Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sean... my other brother

About 7 years ago I asked my future in-laws if I could have their daughter's hand in marriage. I however never asked her brother. Most people would probably think that I shouldn't have to worry about this and I honestly never really thought about it. He recently found out that I asked his little twin sisters if they were cool with it that same day I asked his parents (they were living with their parents at the time) and I never brought this subject up with him....and he has made sure that I know that he knows. He does it jokingly but I need to be honest and say that I truly regret now that I didn't include him in this important day. I know it would have meant a lot to him and I'm sorry. You see, Sean is someone I look up to and respect and his opinion matters a lot to me. He is a person that is genuine, caring, and is one of the best examples of integrity I could think of. As an official apology I have created a video montage for my brother. I hope that he will find a place in his heart to forgive me for not including him in a very important day;)

Sean... This one's for you.

On another note, recently we found out that Steph and Sean are going to have a little girl in a few months. Being a father of two girls, I feel like I have some things to share.
There are a couple things you should know since you are having a girl. Fatherhood is amazing, it's hard and amazing all in one. Sometimes it's like a really awesome horse kick to the gut but it's great. You will understand this when it's 4am and you are feeding your little girl and it hurts to be awake. I'm sure you have already heard it but cherish it and enjoy it. I would give anything to hold Ave and Lil as tiny little babies one more time. Every dad said it goes too soon and I was like "whatever" but buddy... It goes too soon. Also, some day she is going to tell you that she wants to marry you or some variation of an almost crazy obsessive love and affection towards you (refer to an older post I did called "Avery... My Baby Girl").  Don't be weirded out by this, it's a common phase littles go through and just get all the attention you can from her.  I work with middle school girls every day and most of them act like their dad is the devil (I keep telling myself Avery and Lil won't be like those kids but I'm still a little worried). My friend Dave said something very poignant to me a while back. He said "I'm going to push her (his oldest daughter) on the swing every time she asks because I know someday sooner than I think, she isn't going to ask anymore." Since that day, I try very hard to make sure that when the girls ask me to play (even Barbie, Tea party, or dress up), I play with them even when there is other work to be done... It can wait, the girls won't, they keep growing up. Lastly, recently I taught myself how to braid Avery's hair. Be a man, and learn how to do this, it does something to you when you accomplish this feat... I can't explain it, it just does something. Sean, you are going to be an amazing father, I know it. I'm here if you ever have a question. All the best to you my brother and friend.

P.S.  Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Manly Task #14 (part 2)

We put the finishing touches on the bunk bed and set it up.  Avery (and Lil) were very excited when they came home from a weekend at Grandmas.  It looks great and is very solid.  It took some finagling to get it set up though.  The posts that hold the inner part of the top bunk were about 1/2 and inch too short so I turned them around and re-drilled the holes so the bed would sit level.  It is nice and level and I have no doubt it is safe.  Bunk bed project.... done!