Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Manly Task #3 & 4

We have started transferring our office that is currently located in the master bedroom into the basement.  It's a slow process but it's moving.  I started to back track what needed to be done to clean out the office and realized that the drum set room closet needed to be done to make the transition a ton easier.  So I jumped into the drum studio and did some cleaning and attacked the closet.  I put the door knob on and spent a couple hours in the closet swearing, measuring, and hammering (not in any particular order).  After everything was said and done I have three huge shelves hung and level.   So here is the pict... with all my crap in there.  Manly task #3 & 4, done.

Time - 3 to 4 hours (including painting shelves last summer)
Cost - Scrap wood (free), Paint - $20
Difficulty - Medium (mounting of shelves was tricky to get them level and secure)

Here is the link to "Bookie's Manly Tasks to do... Eventually - The List" if you are curious about other to-do adventures I have done or have in plan.