Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Teacher In Me

I know that Michele does Friday Quotables (1 & 2) but I have my own little funny story to share in regards to this little guy named Cal that she does daycare for. I hope it translates as well to this blog as it did in real life.

A couple days ago I came home from work and headed towards the office/spare bedroom to drop off some mail. As I entered, I heard the gruffy voice of 4 year old Cal, "Hi Chris" (his voice reminds me of Charlie Brown). He's chillin' on the bed, both hands behind his head watching some Backyardigans. I use the bathroom in the office and come out and Cal says, "I think I need to go too." I say ok and he walks by and closes the door. He says something through the door which I didn't quite understand and I say "what?" and it turns out to be something along the lines of don't go anywhere. I figure he's pooping and may need some backup.

A little part of the backstory is that a couple of days prior to this I overheard Michele talking about how she is working on Cal's wiping skills...something along the lines of make sure you wipe twice (this was actually revised recently).

So I hear the door open and look in and Cal looks at me half naked and says, "I need you to wipe me." I remember Michele's comment and tell him that I know she has been working on this with him and he should try. So standing up, he grabs one square and wipes but lets just say it's not an in-depth wipe and the square comes out clean. He throws it in the toilet and starts closing up shop. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," I say and tell Cal, "you need to wipe better than that and really get in there. Here I'll talk you through it." So I take him through some steps.

"First you need to get at least 3 squares and fold them up. Second, you are going to have to squat a bit so you can really clean where the poop comes out (I know, gross but it needs to be said). Third and finally, wipe and throw in toilet. Repeat at least 2 or 3 times until there is no poop on the paper." He does this just as instructed and is finished. He flushes and half naked jumps around and yells, "CHRIS!!!!! YOU REALLY ARE A TEACHER. WOW!" And on this day, both my bachelors and masters degree in education were officially confirmed.

The end.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Letter To My Daughter

January 21, 2009

My beautiful daughter,

Yesterday I witnessed history in the making. You were there also but you are only two years old and don't understand yet. As you sat on your moms lap watching, as she cried tears of pride you asked "what's wrong mommy", and the answer was nothing, absolutely nothing. Everything was right yesterday, the wave that was created by this rock in the pond will ripple forever throughout our American history and I hope effect ours, and our future generations lives. The inauguration of a black man as the 44th President of the United States Of America was a large step towards a world I could only hope accepts all. Yesterday I felt national pride in my heart that I don't know if I have ever felt. It wasn't the kind of pride that come out of tragedy in September eight years ago. It was natural, raw, uninhibited pride in the people of our nation, the kind that inspires people to do great things. The feeling that anything is possible. I wan't with all my heart for this man to live up to his words more than any president I have lived through. I hope that you and I in four or maybe even eight years look back at yesterday and say this was the start of a brand new day in American history. I have hope for our future and some day we will talk about yesterday and what it meant to me and what it has done for you.

I love you Avery,
Your Daddy

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Being Pregnant

If you haven't heard yet, the Bookie family is expecting. Well I guess Michele is expecting but none the less we are all involved in the physical (as in how Michele is effecting our physical environment) and the mental aspects of the whole process. Not as directly as Michele but as we all know, our physical being effects all other physical entities in the house. Probably some of my blogs now will be in regards to pregnancy stories. Hopefully my wife won't kill me for things I say because sometimes they are funny even though she may disagree, but my viewpoint is this...if Michele can talk about me farting or at least alluding to me farting on her blog, than some things are fair game on my blog. Notice that I say, "some things." I am a smart man and I know where the line is...or at least enough of a line to keep me completely out of the dog house. Just know that if you see something one day and it's gone the next, the M.C.C. (Michele Communications Commission) has visited and sent a disapproval letter. In all seriousness I think it will be fun to talk about some of the stuff that is going on from my perspective. When Michele was pregnant with Avery there are some classic stories that came about, so maybe this time we can share them as we go. Most of them revolve around what Michele calls I.P.B. (Irrational Pregnancy Behavior), and a large chunk have to do with whether or not she has eaten within the correct time frame (I think I'm going to blog about a couple from when she was pregnant with Avery because they are pretty friggin' I think that will do it for now.

Stay tuned kids! I will talk to you all soon.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Little Girl

Michele and I have been trading who gives Avery a bath or who puts her to bed for quite a while. There are the occasional nights where one of us will do a double duty but for the most part we split this as much as possible. Lately if I do story time and the rock to bed it seems I can't escape the room without her waking enough to beg that I "yay down" with her. In her most adorable plead she says "please daddy" and works up a little drama. Now I know that I'm already wrapped around her finger and I know she knows this too but I love this very small but wonderful piece of snuggle time that we share. More than not I fall asleep in the bed, but before we do fall asleep she asks me to "dough uner daddy" which means lets pull the blanket over our head which she thinks is hilarious, or she moves in close and puts her arm around my neck and acts like she is sleeping by doing the stereotypical snoring sound. This is mixed in with multiple kisses either on my arms or my face and sometimes she rubs my face (I think she is trying to do the face tickle that I do sometimes to get her to sleep). I realize that mostly I just love the fact that I am a comfort to my daughter. She feels safe with me and she wants nothing more than some quality time with just her daddy. Most days this is the only time we spend just us and I cherish every moment. When she starts to settle down she turns her back to me and edges her butt up against me so she can make sure I'm there and soon after her breathing becomes very slow and deep and I know I can slip out of the bed. More than not I don't and I stay, "just a few more minutes for you and I" I think and we sleep. Usually I get a little tug on my toe from my wonderful wife and I go and snuggle with my other love. I am truly a lucky man. Life is good.