Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back Update #9 - 6 Month Checkup/More Surgery?!?

(I just realized that I typed up this post way back and it's been sitting in my cue as a draft... oops.  Anyways, here it is!)

It has been a while since my last back post and I felt that enough stuff has happened that I could put together a substantial post.  Here are some milestones that have happened since last I wrote.

Hernia surgery!
I also went under the knife in January.  Turns out my umbilical hernia came back (had it done 5 years ago).  The hernia had worked around the mesh and needed to be redone so I went back in.  I know, I know, talk about being kicked while you are down but I had to get this taken care of.  So I once again went under the knife and had them pop in another layer of mesh to lock it in.  The surgery was a success but somehow about a week after the surgery, the skin separated from the muscle and caused some severe discomfort.  I thought I had wrecked the surgery.  Fortunately at the follow up the doc told me what was up and that eventually it would heal and to wear my belly band to keep it from moving around.  Yuck, but at least I was on the mend.  It took about a month and a half to get that out of the way and I could get back to physical therapy and work on my core.

6 Month Checkup
I had my 6 month checkup for the spinal fusion surgery with Dr. Brown in late January.   As I walked in and they did x-rays they had me do some forward bends and backwards bends while taking shots.  This struck me as odd but I just did them and went in to meet with the Doc.  He came in and said my back looks solid and nothing in the fused area is moving.  He was very pleased.  As we talked about everything I told him that I have no pain anymore and just some tingling in my right foot that comes and goes.  As we wrapped up our conversation he shook my hand and said that we are done meeting.  I was shocked.  He said that everything is great and that I only need to contact him if I have any issues.  This means I'm done!  I just need to take it easy and continue to heal.

First Gig!
In a few weeks I will have my first gig since before the surgery.  I'm playing with Pat and Kayle for a little piano jazz trio thing.  The nice thing is that I will be able to take a break whenever I need to so all should be well.  I'm looking forward to playing again.  I know I'm pretty weak compared to last time I played and my chops are rough but this is a great way to transition back into it.  I'm very excited!

Well, until next time friends!

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